1. Shared Hosting :

Shared hosting works by web hosting more than one website on one server. This web hosting internet server is transferred with different web sites and the means, which include memory options, CPU, and different hosting plugins on a share.

Let us see some pros and cons of shared hosting.


  • Low cost
  • Low specialized skills are required.


  • Shared server resources
  • high security risks

2. Dedicated Hosting :

Dedicated hosting is used while we want to have full control over the resources. A dedicated server is issued to you with the access position decided by the Best Web-Hosting control Panel service provider. A dedicated server is issued to you with the right of entry to the role decided by means of the service company. 

Let us see some pros and cons of dedicated hosting.

Pros :

  • supply the best performance result in fast response time.
  • Give business- related services in dedicated hosting.
  • Security is more

Cons :

  • It required other cost                        
  • Requires of technical knowledge

Difference Between Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting :

S.No. Shared Hosting Dedicated Hosting
1 It allows multiple users website accounts to be hosted on a single web server. Dedicated hosting is a single server completely dedicated to at least one person.    
2 works via web hosting multiple websites on one server. Dedicated hosting means your website is hosted on a single server that’s dedicated specifically to your website.
3 Shared hosting plans also get scalable, but it is not as absolute.  Dedicated hosting plans are flexible and scalable.
4 Bandwidth per user is short. There is no limit for the bandwidth to use.
5 Performance is low as a full server is used to handle multiple websites. Performance is much higher as a full server is used to handle one website.
6  Response time is slow proper to more websites.  Response time is fast proper to  single website.
7 Security is minimal as resources are shared. Security is best as a single user control over the server.
8 Examples – Domain.com, Hosting shared,  etc. Examples –  Hosting, Host winds, IONOS hosting, etc.